Deal signed for book on Campbell Newman and the challenges of reform

Journalist and former parliamentarian Gavin King has signed a deal with publisher Connor Court to write a book that will profile former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and explore the broader issues of reform and volatility in Australian politics.

Mr King said he was thrilled to be working with Connor Court, an independent publishing house based in Victoria with a range of titles covering politics, history, public and social affairs and biography.

Mr King and Connor Court will also work with the Institute of Public Affairs for a series of speaking engagements in major cities once the book is released at the end of 2015, which Mr Newman will also speak at.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Connor Court, an independent publisher with a national and international distribution network which doesn’t rely on taxpayer funded grants and doesn’t bow to the vagaries of political correctness,” Mr King said.

“The book will take a ‘warts and all’ look at Campbell’s time in local and state politics, dig into his family history covering 40 years in politics while using his stories and experiences to explore the broader issues of reform and the need for tough decisions in government.

“It will also examine the volatility of voters, the psyche of the electorate and the role mainstream and social media plays in today’s political landscape.

“Across nearly 15 years of observing, writing about and participating in politics, I can safely say there aren’t many stories like the story of Campbell Newman.

“The experience of his parents as Cabinet Ministers in the Fraser and Howard Governments, his gutsy gambles to run for Lord Mayor of Brisbane and Queensland Premier, as well as the tough decisions he made in government and lessons he learnt along the way are all extraordinary tales that deserve to be told in a full and frank manner for a wider audience.

“I’d like to thank the leftist denizens at the University of Queensland Press for their petulant political behavior because the national media attention their bizarre rejection of the book created – before they’d seen a single word – helped spark Connor Court’s interest in the project.”

Connor Court publisher Dr Anthony Cappello said he was quick to jump at the opportunity to work with Mr King on the project.

“We believe this book will resonate on a national level due to the high profile nature of the subject in Campbell Newman, combined with the broader topics of reform and the challenges facing all governments,” Dr Cappello said.

“This book will add to our increasing and diverse range of political and biographical work from the likes of Peter Coleman, Nick Greiner, and Bert Kelly”.

The book is expected to be released in the final quarter of 2015, with updates and progress on the project to be posted on the author’s website: